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Home of the original DDD| ARMAGEDDON® servers.

An international gaming community of adult members who enjoy playing a variety of online games together.

We take pride in hosting some of the best servers within the games we play. All our servers stream to PPBans & GGC and our admins and members do a great job of keeping cheaters and punks off our servers so everyone can enjoy the games.

If you're interested in joining DDD just click on the DDD Membership Application tab (above) and start a thread in the "Recruiting" section of the forums. An admin will send you the Vent Info so you can join us on Vent.

Please note that you must register so you can access the forums and we can update your privileges. You may also click on the Contact Us tab above.

Join us on Ventrilo IP: Port: 5790
If you have any problems registering or joining this site please email ddd.geronimo@yahoo.com

Our Servers

Geronimo a posted Dec 3, 09

Battlefield: BC2

Battlefield: 3 Rush

Fistfull of Frags

Team Fortress: 2 - CTF 24/7

Killing Floor
Crysis: 3

Microsoft Flight Simulators
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